Vaccine IDs/Passports for NYC?

From what I understand, most of the unvaccinated in NYC are minorities. So, in order for us to go into restaurants, gyms, and indoor events, we have to show ID (beginning on 9/13) that we have been vaccinated, even though the vaccines have not been approved by our own government (the Food and Drug Admin.). (Even the black Mayor of Boston has spoken out against this requirement.)

However, illegals can just simply walk into the U.S. without a test for COVID and without being vaccinated.

Once again, the Democrats are treating blacks like second-class citizens. Do you know why the Republican Party was formed in 1854? It was in response to the Democrats' plan to expand slavery. This explains why most, if not all, blacks voted for Republicans until FDR in the 1930s.

We are at this precipice once again. We either vote for another DeBlasio like Eric Adams (who I went to school with at John Jay), or we vote for freedom.

Let's vote for freedom by voting for Curtis Sliwa for NYC.

And, where is the #NYCCouncil on this illegal and outlandish edict from this tyrant? This is why we must support Vickie Paladino for NYC, who's running for the NYC Council in District 19, in Queens. Thank you!

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