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They have ruined their own movement

This is really an incredible moment in our nation's history. Never have we witnessed a political movement or ideology that self-imploded so soon after it began.

The trans activists are literally destroying the LGBTQIA+ movement. Their aggressive targeting of children has repulsed millions of America and others around the world, including members of the LGB community.

Millions of Americans, while not necessarily embracing the LGB lifestyle, tolerated it as long as it was between two consent adults; we had no real issue, but now we are in a place where if we don't stop this radical agenda, it will destroy our country.

The attempt to indoctrinate our children through the concept of transgenderism (one cannot truly change one's gender); drag queen shows; pornographic books in middle school, etc. is unacceptable. The next step will be an attempt to normalize sex between children and adults - pedophilia.

Many Americans are now realizing that this agenda was beyond just getting rights; it's been about rebelling against the true and living God, and turning centuries of science, biology, and natural law on its head.

We are now saying "enough is enough." We are done with this radical, twisted, and delusional, and demonic agenda. They don't just want tolerance; they want to force us, particularly our children, to accept their deviant lifestyle. We are saying "no." They have gone too far; so, we are done. As a result, support for "Pride" month has declined, and it will continue to do so, unless they stop with the radical, hateful, demonic agenda.

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