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  • Barbara experienced "Jim Crow" personally as she was growing up, when she visited family in Florida;

  • She saw Malcolm X speaking on 125th Street in Harlem, NYC;

  • She had a confrontation with the KKK in Central Florida;

  • As a single mother of five (5) children, Barbara bought property, worked 2 jobs, and is the reason that all of her children attended college;

  • Barbara has started businesses in Florida and NYC; 

  • She marched with pro-life Catholics in Central Florida at an abortion clinic, and the facility is now a church;

  • She was a director of a non-profit organization in the Bronx; ​

  • Barbara worked with at-risk youth in Florida; Harlem, NYC; and in Newark, NJ;

  • Barbara was such a dedicated political activist for the Democratic party that she campaigned for Jesse Jackson when he ran for President in 1984, and was a member of 3 Democratic clubs in Harlem.   She even attended meetings and fundraisers held by Al Sharpton.  This is all before she  became a conservative Patriot in the early 1990s;

  • She has spoken out for Israel in front of the United Nations; 

  • She attended a liberal arts college where she challenged the liberal propaganda, and still graduated with a 4.08 GPA;  

  • She has had hosted a live-stream and radio programs for over ten (10) years;

  • Barbara has built up a loyal following on social media, including receiving at least one million views for at least three (3) of her videos;

  • She has spoken at numerous Tea Party rallies in NYC and in various parts of the country;

  • She is currently working to educate people in the inner city about the U.S.  Constitution; and

  • Barbara is writing a new book about God and patriotism. 

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