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Barbara from Harlem

The "Godmother" of Black Conservatives

•Barbara from Harlem  (born in the Bronx and raised in Harlem, NYC) is the mother of five (5) children, who she raised single-handedly. She has been a conservative for over 20  years.

  • She was first dubbed "Barbara from Harlem" by former WABC radio host, Jay Diamond, who suggested that she use this handle when she called into his show to speak out against the verdict in the O.J. Simpson.   Barbara was brave enough to defy the conventional wisdom and belief in the black community.  She believed (and still does) that O.J. murdered his late wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman. 


•She  wrote her compelling and inspirational memoir  “Escaping the Racism of Low Expectations”  to chronicle her journey from liberal –by- default to Conservative.

•Like most blacks, she was taught that Black equals Democrat.  Her memoir  describes how she broke free from the Democrat plantation.

•She has started businesses and  has managed not-for-profit organizations to help inner city youth.


•She has spoken at and participated in Republican  and Conservative clubs, in different parts of the country, including at the 603 Alliance in New Hampshire. In fact, she attended the first massive tea party in D.C. in 2009, and has spoken at a number of Tea Party events.

•Barbara from Harlem’s memoir, “Escaping the Racism  of Low Expectations”  is a hit in Conservative circles!


•Her memoir has been endorsed by the “Great One” Mark Levin on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.   Furthermore, she has been a guest  on Mark Levin’s radio program a number of times.

•Her weekly live-stream show on Facebook (“Our Urban Story”) is viewed by thousands.


•Even as a registered Democrat, she campaigned  for Rudy Giuliani when he first ran for mayor of NYC, and other conservative candidates.  In addition,  in 2016 she campaigned actively for  then-candidate  Donald J. Trump.   Moreover, she supported President Trump in 2020 for re-election because she believes that he has done more for blacks than any other President, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln.

•At least three (3) of her videos on Facebook have gone viral, having been viewed at least one (1) million times.


•Barbara has  even influenced life-time Democrats  in NYC to vote for a Republican, President Donald J. Trump,  for the first-time in their lives.

•She was dubbed the “Godmother of Black Conservatives” by Darius Mayfield  of  “Not Black, Not White, American” Podcast.  [He is renown for cleaning up cities around the country, because he was inspired by Scott Pressler. Mr. Mayfield is now running for Congress in NJ. ]

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