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The persecution of Donald J. Trump

It has not been lost on many of us during Holy Week the parallels between when Jesus was put on trial, and most of the people (influenced by the religious leaders) chose Barabbas over Jesus (the Savior of the world, who healed and forgave) and what is happening to Donald J. Trump.

Now, I am not (of course) comparing Donald J. Trump to Jesus the Christ, but it is apparent that there is a spiritual battle underway in this country. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg would rather prosecute a former sitting President of the U.S. for a non-crime, as opposed to prosecuting violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law. It's not Bragg alone; it's NY AG Letitia James, the Democrats in the House who voted twice to impeach Mr. Trump, RussiaGate, the mainstream media, etc.

The hateful Left would rather try to prosecute a former President, who put America first, who was instrumental in overturning Roe v. Wade, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, saying "Merry Christmas", making America energy independent, lifting us all economically, etc., than a violent criminal.

They are trying to silence and scare those of us who are believers and patriots, and they want to use Mr. Trump as an example of what will happen to us if we speak out and fight for America. This is the depth to which they have sunk. But, I believe that Mr. Trump was chosen for a time such as this.

Finally, we must stand our ground, and not let the Bolsheviks in the Democratic Party and their allies destroy our country.

I hope that you will stand with me and The Mordecai Mission as we prepare for the battle of our lives - the Battle to Save America.

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