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the failure of Biden is teaching us a spiritual lesson

I believe that God allowed Biden to get in (temporarily) to put it right before us who the Democrat leaders are, and how anti-life, anti-God, and anti-American they are, including pushing the killing/sacrifice of unborn American babies, who have the right to life. There is no longer a middle ground. You either stand for God and this country, or you do not. This is a time of choosing, and there is no place to hide.

The leftists/Democrat leaders in this country have laid bare their anti-American, and anti-Judeo-Christian agenda.

This is one of the reasons they are deliberately importing (or letting in at the Souther border) people who have no knowledge of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, nor do they understand the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of this nation.

I don't have a time period, but Biden will not finish his term: He will either resign, be impeached and removed, or pass away.

Biden and those surrounding him are deliberately putting Americans (and America) last, and this will not be tolerated.

This is all happening for a reason. It is to wake believers up. As recorded in Revelation 3:16, Yeshua/Jesus said that if you are lukewarm, He will spit you out.

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