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Yesterday evening, Tuesday, February 25th, I wrestled with self and finally summoned up the strength to watch the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate with the seven candidates that qualified to participate. What a conglomeration of misfits vying to sit in the White House of America!

Others have their opinions about this fiasco of the gathering of this group, but let me tell you exactly how disgusted and angry I became watching this horror show! I was exceptionally enraged that each and every one of these co-called want-to-be our President, could NOT keep that race-card at bay. Each and every one of these unfit to serve America in any capacity, played that card over and over and over and over! Their collective descent from dignity was paramount! I really started asking myself and answering 'yes' to my questions. Do they view Blacks as morons? Do they think they are our god, fathers, mothers, and/or nannies? Do they have such blinded eyes and extremely corrupted minds that they can't see the wonderful and great achievements of many Blacks throughout this land? Is this a deliberate ploy to garner the Black vote, without question or any thoughts about the same song to the same tune that has been played to Blacks will keep yielding votes and love for a Party that has not produced a smidgen of what they have promised for decades! Yes, yes and a resounding yes to the aforementioned!

How disgraceful of them to pound and pound their lying words that are suppose to make one think that their love for those Brown and Black is so straight-laced and genuine. Their purpose is designed for Brown and Black ones to flock to the polls, vote for them, as they float on their dreams that this Party's leaders mean what they say, which has never happened and is still a lie. This group, like their colleagues, is counting on that vote of confidence again in their sweet words designed to capture their followers in believing and convincing themselves that somehow and some way that boost in their living conditions will come -- this time! This bunch of contenders are counting on their targeted Brown and Black souls not to remember how so many Brown and Black souls remain impoverished because their entry-level jobs have been given away to illegal immigrants because they will accept lower wages. They want Brown and Black lives not to remember how their urban communities are flooded with illegals who are receiving free housing, food stamps, and other perks that many Americans need to help them get back on their feet. They don't want the Browns or Blacks to be concerned about any communicable diseases that may be translated into their communities or schools, because having illegals in the voting pool/stable designed by the likes of the seven (7) want-to-bes, is more important. They're counting on an increase in their voting bloc of loyals that will keep them in office with power and control!

Yes, this Party of belittling disgraceful words, open and no borders, free citizenship to illegals, kill many, many more babies in and/or out of the womb, hate Trump, ignore your Constitutional duties to Americans, paint Brown and Black people as idiots, incapable of controlling their own lives and enjoying their life, and pursuing their own happiness. Without any doubt, this band of ungodly contenders for an office they are not qualified to hold, view others as incompetents, infantile, less than and subservient to their call for their loyalty at their polling stations.

Their fangs are poised to devour the vulnerable who can't see or sense the danger of being caught up in the isms that they propose. The ism of Socialism, Marxism, Secularism, Communism,

etc. are all a danger to our Democratic/Republic which has made America a place that millions, some of whom have experienced the isms of desolation, come to and escape from their land of despair, dread, doom and death. They portray many looks with many eyes looking for those that will follow them as they continuously try

to fool those who care to look deeply and closely. Many are now becoming wise to their lies and turning away from a Party that wants to destroy innocent babies while saving the lives of those who torture and kill the innocent, just because! How perverted this Party of Hate Your President Without a Cause, has become.

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