The Decline of the black culture

Black and white leftists have almost ruined the black culture that produced Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, George Washington Carver, Garret Morgan, MLK, Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Rosetta Tharpe, Lena Horne, Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Langston Hughes, Booker T. Washington, Mary McLeod Bethune, et al.

The respectable black culture introduced the world to Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Gospel music, Jazz, R&B, Blues, soul food, and the Civil Rights Movement, among other things.

Our rich black culture has been denigrated by rap and Hip-Hop that encourages violence, promiscuity, drug use, disrespect for law enforcement, and irresponsible behavior. Note: The late Dorothy Height of 100 Black Women warned us, but she was ridiculed.

The left uses and exploits this negative image of black culture and promotes it as if it represents ALL black people, and it does not.

We owe it to those upon whose shoulders we stand to reclaim our rich culture.

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