Segregation once again...Thanks to Democrats

Where's the NAACP? The Urban League? Where are Eric Adams (who's running for Mayor of NYC) and other black leaders on this segregationist dictate by DeBlasio?

I don't care that DeBlasio is married to a black woman, what he is doing (while other Democrats are silent) is racist. The vast majority of those in NYC who are not vaccinated are black and brown people.

We may necessarily be anti-vaccine, but many of us are vaccine-hesitant. Why?

1) The Vaccines have not been fully approved by the FDA; 2) People are getting sick and some are dying from the vaccine. Case in point: Many people who have been vaccinated are still getting COVID; and 3) Why isn't there a push for illegals to get vaccinated?

And, instead of respecting our rights, DeBlasio is imposing on us non-approved (and unproven) vaccines.

The Democrats/Leftists are the segregationists; they are the racists. This is the history of the Democrat Party.

Black people in NYC will be disproportionately negatively impacted. We will not be able to go to work; eat in restaurants; go to the gym, etc., without being vaccinated, even though many of us are healthy, and some of us already had COVID, and as a result, we have the antibodies to protect us from the virus.

This is grossly unfair and illegal. All of us, including Democrats in the City, who believe in Civil Rights must speak out.

(Bebe Diamond)

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