"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

"Man is not free unless government is limited."

               President Ronald Reagan







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        Let's stroll down the path of yesterday's memory lane and take a look and have a listen to what some of the greats that we celebrate had to say about life and our country. "The power under the Constitution will always be in the people.  It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will be recalled."

George Washington

        These are the wise words of one of our greatest leaders and should start bells ringing and whistles blowing for all who are involved in selecting and electing those whom they entrust for a certain limited period and for certain defined purposes.  He tells us, in this day and time, that when these representatives that we have chosen, conduct themselves in a manner that is unacceptable and what they do is contrary to the American peoples' interests or not agreeable to our wishes, they, being the servants of the People, can and undoubtedly will be recalled.  In the the world of politics, recall simply means to dismiss from office by vote.  With the current trend of politics and the obvious behavior of the present administration and in particular the Democrat Majority Senate, any logical and clear thinking voter can say that they have not acted in the interests or in line to the wishes of the majority of Americans.  Washington was crowded in 2009 at that massive Tea Party gathering with Americans from all over the nation to tell Washington, "Don't Mess with my Health Care"!  That message was loud and clear, yet it fell on the deaf ears of the Democrats.  They went behind those transparent and locked doors and said "we know what is best for you" and it passed without one single Republican vote!  Now when they passed this new health care law package, which we label ObamaCare, they exempted themselves from the very law that they imposed on those who pay their salaries and elected them to represent and execute those responsibilities with the interests and wishes of THE PEOPLE in mind.


        "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  This is a famous quote by Edmund Burke which we need to marinate on and rethink some of our actions.  My friends and co-Patriots, too many of us who adhere to the values of America because we have standards and live by life enriching principles, can become complacent (in a self righteous manner) or discouraged because of what's swirling in the air via radio, media outlets (usually by the Liberals) or by word of mouth from one ear to another.  We find tremendous fault in those that share identical core social values because some time ago, they flawed and failed miserably to reach the level of our expectations.  On the 20th of this month (Thursday), I heard a caller to Rush Limbaugh's show who tried to get Rush to remember when he called in the past.  He stated that both him and his mother said when John McCain was in the presidential race, that they would not vote him  because McCain had pocked at other Republicans.   This is part of the problem why Conservatives/Republicans (Rinos included) are losing race after race after race.  So this mother and son team held back their vote for McCain and look at what we got?  We got a want-to-be tyrant in the highest seat of the land!  We could have worked with McCain and I seriously doubt that we would be in the critical survival mode that we are experiencing today.  One thing certain is that a weak Republican may vote the interests and wishes of the People 80% of the time, but a Marxist/Liberal/Secular Humanist will vote against the interests, freedoms, liberties, wishes, etc.  of WE THE PEOPLE 100% of the time if it conflicts with their agenda to control lives.  The proof can be seen clearly with the passage of ObamaCare, Executive Orders, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc.!  It makes no sense to sit out an election because it gives the worse among us a win by default.  They are usually much worse than that Republican that erred in the past.  When "they" win by your default at the polls, their grants them the power execute and impose more socialism upon WE THE PEOPLE.  If that is not what you want, then NEVER sit out an election and get up and get out and vote for those that at least have your interests at heart and share the same social values.  Our Forefathers and Foremothers left a rich legacy of the right to vote.  Our Feminist Foremothers fought hard and gave their lives to fight for a woman's right to vote and for the protection of the unborn.  We can't repay them for their sacrifices, but we can do our human best to leave a legacy of freedom and liberty to those that are coming behind us.  And it  depends on you and I exercising the right to vote those into office that believe in freedom and liberty and recall/reject those that do not respect the interests or wishes of WE THE PEOPLE of AMERICA.


        Now is the time!  Midterm elections time is approaching.  WE THE PEOPLE will have the opportunity because we are privileged to have the vote as our voice at the polling stations to Recall those that have misused that which was entrusted to them when they were elected as representatives of WE THE PEOPLE.   Some of the Democrats who betrayed our trust are shaking in their shoes and it is the responsibility of WE THE PEOPLE to shake them out of their nest of power and let them drop by the wayside and out of office!  To do less, is letting America continue to suffer and risk a One Party Rule system of government.  That is not acceptable to every Red, White and Blue bloodied American.   During a previous election cycle, the Democrats had some of the Hollywood crew, providing transportation and their motto was Vote or Die!  Well, WE THE PEOPLE need to Vote strongly and in very enormous numbers or America might die as we have known and enjoyed it.  Land of the Free, because of the Brave would be the legacy that we will leave when are hearts are stirred to do what is right and fitting for AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.   Recall the Democrats in the Senate; Neutralize B.H. Obama; and Paralyze Harry Reid! 

                ----   RECALL    ----    NEUTRALIZE    ----    PARALYZE    ----


I believe that it's safe to assume that many are dissatisfied with with both the Republicans and the Democrats at this point and time.  But, with that said, this is not the time to throw our hands up because that is what the liberals want us to do!  America's greatest threat to freedom and liberty is not nestled in the bosom of RINOs!  Our most present and greatest threat is the Senate where the DemoRats are in the majority and constantly plotting and planning to take more of our rights, privileges and freedoms away!  While we have our eyes focused on our disappointment in some of the decisions of Speaker John Boehner, Mitch O'Connell, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. the DemoRats are positioning themselves so that they are the ones with the power of the votes to do whatever they are commanded by their Cult Master to do!  In November, 2013, the DemoRats led by Sneaky Senator Harry Reid, changed the centuries-old rules on how the chamber acts on presidential nominees.  With this "new" change, it makes confirmation of the president's nominees much easier (and you know what type of people he'll appoint).  To further illustrate, the following from About.com US Politics gives a very clear picture for this backdoor maneuver:  "The change put in place by the Senate Democrats makes it easier to set up confirmation votes for presidential nominees for executive branch and judicial nominees with the exception of those for the U.S. Supreme Court by requiring only a simple majority, or 51 votes, in the Senate."  According to this article, the Republicans were angered and viewed this as a backhanded attempt to circumvent their legitimate concerns about the some of the president's nominees.  And believe me my Friends and fellow Patriots, if we don't get a majority of Republicans (even if they are RINOS) in the Senate, only Heaven knows what they will do next to curtail our freedom and liberties!  They are not worth on ounce of trust and our focus must be on making sure that they are NOT in control of the Senate!  The filibuster rule was changed by a vote of 52 to 48 with three Democrats who did not vote for it.  

The point is that the Democratic controlled Senate is more of a threat to us than RINOs!  At least a RINO is not a Marxist, Socialist, full-fledged liberal, etc.  We can count on them to stand with us most of the time, but a sold-out DemoRats we can never count on to preserve and protect our rights as citizens of America. With a majority of Republicans in the Senate, we will be able to NEUTRALIZE President Obama's agenda to march us into the socialist swamp of limitations and restrictions designed by the government.  Please take the time and familiarize yourself with the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to see for yourself how this dangerous tentacle of ObamaCare a.k.a. Affordable Care Act is going to negatively impact seniors with the rationing of care to cut costs.  We must refresh our memories and recall President Obama himself stated on an ABC town hall meeting, "that at some point seniors just have to be told they would be better off taking the painkiller."  And he meant that with the mandate to reduce Medicare spending by 0.5% in 2015 an increasing to a mandatory reduction of 1.5% annually by 2018.  This is a war on seniors who will have more difficulty to find doctors who participate in the Medicare program which will also make it more difficult to secure appointments.  Our seniors have paid a lifetime of payroll deductions and have contributed tremendously and helped America become that city shining on a hill for the oppressed from every corner of the world.  This panel will consist of 15 unelected members who will have the authority over others' lives to decide whether or not they are worth keeping alive.  Dr. Constance Uribe states, "The coming Obamacare rationing - Government to determine value of individual lives.....:"  This is a frightening segment of an outrageous law that places the government over the lives and curtails the liberties of Americans.  As I stated, this is not the time to be whining about RINOs when we have to NEUTRALIZE - NEUTRALIZE - and I say again NEUTRALIZE OBAMA by taking control of the Senate with Conservative Republicans and RINOs to stop the hemorrhage of our nation!  With someone like Dreadful Doctor Ezekiel Emanuel as the consultant/architect of Obamacare, we'd better get right to it and stop this madman's design for those he sees as expendable commodities such as seniors, the disabled, the chronically ill and people deemed as a low investment for medical care.  

Please my ‚ÄčPatriotic Americans LET US NOT BE DISTRACTED and concentrate on winning the Senate from the DemoRats.  Once that is accomplished, then we can sift through the RINOs and recall them as needed.


NEW BEGINNING in a NEW YEAR - January 6th, 2014

     Yes, we made it to see another year end and a New Year begin.  What we need in this New Year is a New Beginning and a supernaturally strong revival of resiliency directed at the anti-American group that does not believe in the exceptionalism of this great nation. We must resolve that we will keep up the fight to resist and defeat their agendas at every alleyway, every pit and every black heart that they come from.  We must defeat royally every delusion of their twisted minds that destroys the beauty, prosperity, charitable giving heart and pierces the soul of America.  The question is:  "Are You Ready, Willing and Committed to the struggle to preserve and present to our posterity a brighter and better America?  

          A typing exercise that I learned years ago is applicable at this time and at this moment.  It is the call for all Patriots to get up, get ready and stay engaged.  It goes as follows:  "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."  This call went forth to the hearts of those that have given so much for this country.  From our Founding Fathers and Mothers to our military men and women who kept us from being defeated by foreign enemies.  If our soldiers did not give of themselves, even to the point of death, German would be the language of this land.  Hitler would not have stopped destroying and killing on his own and it took the blood, sweat, tears, bravery, courage and determination to storm the beaches and make sure his reign was short lived and did not reach our shores.  The same goes for the other enemies of our Republic.  America has and continues to produce an outstanding myriad of God fearing and brave souls to get us to what we have enjoyed as Americans.   Now is not the time to hoist the white flag of surrender to those who want to transform America into their image of redistribution, class warfare, racial inequity, etc. in order for them to execute exclusive control over the lives of Americans who are (and may not know it) endowed by their Creator with Certain Unalienable Rights!  Every individual has the God-given right to Life (including those in the womb or survived an abortion), Liberty (the freedom to think or act without being constrained by their (the godless secular humanists/liberals) misguided need and desire to control other's lives, and the Pursuit of one's own Happiness.  In our society we have the right to decide our professions, where we live and our goals.  This is foreign to communists who make their decisions for their subjects in line with their determined dark minds to control the creatures that they did not create. Without the Patriots standing up and fighting with heavenly inspired vigor, the godless gang will have a field day and institute more of their policies that change and corrupts the Blessed Goodness of America.


                           WHAT'S HAPPENING? - December 4th, 2013

To My Friends and Fellow Patriots With Love - Barbara

So many things are happening now that one hardly knows where to start.  Who in the world wants to constantly be reminded about the state of affairs in our beloved America?  Well, I like good news too, but with this administration hard at work there isn't much good news to report on.  Some good news is that more and more Americans have awakened and some who were on the fence or totally duped have found out, at last, they were deceived royally and voted against their own well-being and health.  Doctors are leaving and the options that were told would still be in place have vanished!  Now we have the government in full healthcare provider status and when the government runs something, there are always major problems.  The website is just one of the glitches that should have never been an issue because the government has no business in the healthcare business as completely as they are now.  

Sad, sad news for the "he looks like me" voters.  Our president is recruiting, pimping and cultivating a new batch of human commodity voters known as illegal immigrants.  He's courting them hard and putting the brakes on deportation.  In other words, blacks are being replaced by the newer human commodities who will not only take their place, but will also take their jobs!  So the the opportunities to level-entry employment will be a hard sell if the new, eager and hungry workers are made legal by our president.  The fight to keep the definition of illegal standing must go on.  Yes, we are a compassionate nation, however it's a poor household that doesn't take care of its own first.  Many of our unskilled youth use level-entry positions to get back on their feet, learn a strong work ethic and have opportunities to more up the corporate ladder.  Well, the ladder has been splintered and in the process of being smashed to pieces.  Iran:  Israel has been jabbed in the back with this administration's latest agreement with Iran.  According to Fox News, it is reported that,"just days before this deeply flawed agreement was announced, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described Israel as "the rabid dog of the region."  Did Kerry and his U.S. negotiators confront this recalcitrance before signing off?  I doubt it. This is not an auspicious beginning." So there goes our friend Israel, under the bus.  Blacks under the bus, our healthcare under the bus, and if we go back in time, the under the bus list will explode.  

COMMON SENSE and LOGICAL:  The words posted and attributed to Abraham Lincoln make good sense and fit within the realm of logic.  Without using the principle of thrift, you cannot have prosperity and more assuredly, you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  If our workforce continues to weaken, how can a strong workforce be created or exist for the weak to have the opportunity to strive and thrive?  It makes good sense that capitalism and our free market economy should be encouraged to grow and develop and not penalized, expected to pay more to people who refuse to learn more or be taxed out of business.  Our rich provide big tax bucks for the entitlement programs and support charities who serve the less fortunate.  If they are destroyed, then who picks up that tab?  We all know that if we spend more than we earn, we are headed for trouble individually and as a nation.  When man is striped of his initiative and independence as a productive citizen, then you have created a breathing mass of human commodity that can be manipulated and dependent on others for their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  Unfortunately this is what liberals have done to the masses of government handout recipients for decades and it has marred and scared so many.  When people are programmed to believe that they cannot help themselves by working hard, saving their money and using it wisely, one has created a populace that looks outside of themselves for guidance, security and become entrenched in a vicious cycle of poverty.   The Leftists/Marxists/UnGodly/ultra Liberals, etc. have done a masterful job of creating a portion of Americans, for their use and abuse, to exist as second class citizens.  I saw a saying which I may not state exactly, but this is the message: "More handouts equals less freedom".  The DemoRats have and continue to use "handouts" to keep the votes rolling in for them to stay in their seats of power, while inner city America and other areas are suffering from the rhetoric that plays over and over in their heads of their subjects that they need someone else to raise their children and be responsible for them, tell them where they can live, monitor their bank accounts, etc. etc.  That is one of the reasons why Leftists always remind Blacks about the slavery that was an ugly part of the American scenery.  They don't tell them truth, facts or celebrate them being endowed by their Creator with gifts, talents and the ability to do for themselves.  They never mention and would prefer for it to be erased that out of the heated debates and partisan rancor over the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854, there arose a new political organization known as the Republican Party to prevent slavery from spreading.  And as a Black woman, I agree with the first Black American Poet Phyllis Wheatly, 'twas mercy that brought me from a pagan land."  What a blessing to be born in a country free of tribal warfare, with clean running water from faucets, sleeping on a bed, heat in the house, shopping for what I like to eat, going to the church of my choice, free schooling, etc. etc. etc.  What a Blessing to be born in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  AMEN!   


VINDICATED - November 21st, 2013

To all that have been paralyzed because when you criticize the present administration and you are not black, you are called a Racist.  Well, I am

Black and I have an overflowing barrel of criticism for the Godless Gang in The People's White House! 

   DEFEAT after DEFEAT - November 6th, 2013

Before sitting down at my workstation, I wanted to take a closer look at some of the happenings that have my head swirling again.  It was humiliating enough on October 16th when Major Steve Lonegan was defeated in his bid for New Jersey's Senate seat by unaccomplished, unsuccessful Mayor of Newark, New Jersey Corey Booker.  Now here we go again - Defeat after Defeat!  Accomplished and front-line fighter for the people Kenneth T. Cuccinelli was defeated in Virginia by scandalous, incompetent liberal Terry McAuliffe!  Unbelievable because the majority of Americans "profess" to be conservatives and not liberals!   A Conservative possesses a desire to preserve current societal structure; it simply means that conservatives believe that the existing form of society is worthy of preservation (i.e., marriage, human life, liberty and pursuing one's own happiness).  What in God's World is going on in the minds of those that know we are headed in the wrong direction, yet think so little of their vote?  With liberals at the helm, it is more than obvious that we are not headed toward freedom and liberty, but rather more control over the lives of Americans - and that is spelled SOCIALISM!   I keep asking myself, "What is wrong with the message from the conservative voices?"  But what I see and hear is not that their message is so wrong, but the other side pushes their imperfect candidate until they conquer the minds of the majority of the people.  I have determined that to stop the losing cycle that is doing so much harm to our rights, freedoms and the spirit of our country, we must stop, look and reflect on how we can improve and overcome this trend of electing those who are destined, inevitably, to do more harm than good for/toward We The People.  I strongly believe that one must:  LEARN FROM THOSE THAT YOU OPPOSE! One major point of contention I have is the way in which people who support our Constitution, rights and freedoms can ripe to shreds another who is running for an office who may have misspoken on an issue or erred in the past.  They are not only ripped apart by so-called other Conservatives but the gouging goes on, over and over and over and over again!  How do they think that inspires those fragile Conservative/Libertian voters to rush out to the polls and cast a vote for that imperfect, but on the right side, candidate?  I say "fragile" because with all of the rhetoric specifically designed to capture the consciousness of Americans, they can't get stronger with the gouging of a conservative candidate, but only more convinced to take a back seat and deal with whatever happens.  This has to come to a stop if we are to evolve from Defeat after Defeat to Victory after Victory for America!  By any stretch of any underdeveloped imagination, a weak Republican who loves his country and our Constitution is far better than a Leftist/Marxist/Liberal/Secular Humanist/Communist!

The gutting out of those that are not perfect (and who is?) MUST STOP if we want America to stop going in the wrong direction which is Socialism! And I would not be honest if I did not share what I believe to be critical.  I have no intentions of being offensive, but if you are or know of anyone who just "sits it out", that needs to come to an abrupt end.  I know someone who related that she did not vote in the presidential race, and I let her know that what she did was WRONG and that her No Vote went to help re-elect President Obama and don't whine now!  This time around she told me she voted yesterday for Christie even those she isn't so excited about him.  The fact of the matter is that she and you and every one that DOES NOT PARTICIPATE when called on to vote, should never neglect your responsibility to do the best you can for your country and our posterity when you cast that important vote.  When we start thinking that our vote means little or nothing, then I believe that we dishonored those that shed their blood, suffered loss, endured pain and sacrificed their resources for you to have the privilege of participating in a system, although imperfect, that allows you to have a voice.  Your power is in your vote and don't think it's unimportant to what happens to our country.  On the other side of the coin, that is one of their strong points.  They get their uninformed/liberal minded/identity politics/trained only the D lever people to the polls and the world sees the results - Win after Win after Win!  Their Win means America loses more ground!  Let's learn their strategies, remain honest and beat them time and time again for the sake of America the Beautiful!  

AT LONG LAST -  October 21st, 2013

At long last, I am able to once again have the website operating.  Not to whine (but sometimes one has to vent), we have been experiencing many, many problems with the web builder who must be going through an abundance of personal turmoil to leave us in such state of disconnect.  Aside from that, many things have happened since we last visited with one another.  And I know that those of you that visit with us, are aware and somewhat saddened by many events that have taken place recently.  

The government is once again in full swing since the "compromise" that spells a $328 billion dollar increase in debt and tops $17 trillion for the first time!!  So much for the holdout!  From what I understand, no changes to the granted waivers of Obamacare which excludes members of congress and their staff as well as Harry Reid's beloved state of Nevada.  No delaying of the mandates or waivers for small businesses who play a major role in our economy from the time of this nation's inception.  Ted Cruz is being racked over the coals and receiving tongue thrashings from both sides of the aisles of the political circus.  He knows the Senate is full of DemoRats and they are in line with the agenda of the White House.  He did what he did to bring attention to the unfairness of this bill for the American people!  What a state we are in when the employees (who are suppose to work for the people), reverse the roles and say that the law is good enough for their employers (the taxpayers who pay them), but they are too good to be strangled by that same law!  That picture is upside down and wrong whichever way you turn it.  But when the People who have the right and responsibility to vote ego maniacs out of office and don't do so, then we have what we have.  Ego maniacs who just run to capture the power to control others, even those who are their employers.  The mindless and the simple don't mind this concept because they have been programmed not to think or live for themselves.  It's what their self-appointed leaders tell them to do, how to live and dictate to many how far they can go in life.  What a sad time in America's history!

What a sad, sad day on October 16th when Mayor Steve Lonegan lost his bid to represent New Jersey in the Senate.  What is happening to this country when people choose to elect a man whose record of governing the city of Newark, New Jersey is a big fat FAILURE after FAILURE?  The people of New Jersey choose a man that is a rubber stamp of the immoral agenda of this present administration.  Pro same-sex marriage (he performed one such farce on the steps of City Hall) and the murdering of babies!  Have the people of these so-called "blue states" become so immoral themselves that these things don't bother them at all?  And no liberal should ever say they are concerned about the countless lives slaughtered every day in urban America.  Well, I guess it doesn't matter to some after all you have to have some moral convictions to reject immorality.  Benjamin Franklin stated, "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."  And, I guess people who voted for Booker over Lonegan need masters!  People with virtue and compassion reject those who don't honor life or the Godly traditions that make America beautiful to those seeking to reach her shores.  Please God help us defeat those that don't honor the rich heritage and history of our nation.


September 11th, 2013 - IT'S BEEN 12 YEARS!

As we all know twelve years ago on this very day, 19 cowards filled with hatred, overtook four planes and killed nearly 3,000 Americans.  The day started out as one filled with sunshine and calm and ended with a horrific act of Death by Deliberate Design.  This day went down in our books of American history as one of our most infamous days ever.  These crazed, misguided suicidal/homicidal maniacs were trained, probably from birth, to kill, maim and destroy any one that does not ascribe to their 7th century Mohammed initiated ideology.  And real-time history will substantiate the fact that everywhere they go and every place they live, death and destruction emanates from their very presence.  We have allowed those born into their self prescribed culture of death, to enter and live in our country with freedom and liberty that they never had before.  Not all, but some don't appreciate this fact and still have a heart of hatred for America, yet prosper because we are who we are and provide opportunities for all races and religious persuasions.  And we're that land where Lady Liberty proudly shows to the world our kindness and acceptance to those around the world. 

Now, we're seeing the "real" side of some Muslims who are scheduled to March on America's Washington on this sacred and reflective day in our history, the 12th year sad anniversary of Death by Deliberate Design.  How insensitive and disrespectful!  This is like their attempt to build another Mosque at Ground Zero.  They have some nerve and I'm so happy that we're showing them, on this very day, that we have enough nerve and determination to stand up to them, outnumber them and show them we will not tolerate their insults of dishonor to the lives that were lost 12 years ago and to the families of those slaughtered who have suffered because of the murderous acts of their fellow worshippers of Allah.  Our patriotic Bikers across America are on they way to show them who we are! 

Now in present time, our Terrorist Sympathizer-in-Chief is trying to persuade the American people to support those Al-Qaeda instruments of destruction in their Syrian conflict.  What nerve to even suggest that we send our soldiers to aid and assist those who kill Americans!!!  This is an outrage.  I'm so happy that Putin is spanking our TSIC's butt with logic and sound reasoning.  He drew the "red line", which he now denies, so let him gather up that  Civilian National Security Force that he proudly talked about and venture over his own marker.  He said that they would be better funded than our military so he needs to suit up and go into battle with them and not impose upon our brave men and women who wear the uniforms of America's military might and force!  As Judge Jeannine so beautifully put it, we don't need to send in our soldiers who will return with fewer body parts and more demons for Al-Qaeda who is our enemy.  Our TSIC has no credibility and the world knows it and every thinking American should know it too.  For the mentally untouchables, how's that hope and change going for you?  Lost your job or now you're part time? That's what your vote for our TSIC produced.  Paying more at the gas pump?  Paying more to feed your family?  Waiting for another affordable housing unit where a lot of angry and violent people reside?  That's your Hope and Change that you voted for and is making everyone suffer in one form or another.  Still broke, lost your home, health care costs soaring and isn't that free phone a pile of garbage?  More of your Hope and Change down the tubes.  Thinking and Constitution loving people must continue to stand up for American values and a return to sanity, for Heaven's sake. 

Love Always - Your very own Barbara From Harlem   

September 4, 2013 - YOUR VOTE MATTERS

Sometimes we wonder whether or not our vote really matters and can become too complacent and let the chips fall where they may.  We want to think of ourselves as being immune from the effects of whatever may happen even without our participation.  We want to think of ourselves as sheltered from all of the effects of the results of any given election that we have shunned for reasons of our own.  Well, my friends and even those who many not be my friends, you can't hide from the results of elections. 

We allowed the Senate's Democrats to meet behind the transparent locked doors in Washington and shove Obamacare down our throats.  As we marched and met to voice our opposition to this form of socialized medicine, they decided and passed what they deemed best for us.  Then, when we had the chance to remove Obama from our White House, what did many of us do?  We decided that we would stay home and say to yourself, comme si comme sa, whatever will be will be.  And voila, here we are in a battle for the very soul of this great nation.  Here we are in the midst of trying to save this nation from complete socialism/Marxism because of those we have placed in positions of authority.  Your vote does matter and any time we ignore this responsibility to participate in the system that determines so much, we do dishonor to those that died for the privilege of casting ones vote for that imperfect human, but a human that loves this nation and we will serve and listen to voices of WE THE PEOPLE. 

We're living in a time of total disregard of truth exhibited by many of our media outlets.  Under Republican presidents, you could not pick up a newspaper or turn on the news without hearing some disturbing news about the economy, the threat of war, our soldiers being maimed or killed, gas prices rising, etc. etc. etc.  Now the word is MUM from many media sources who are the other arm of information for the Democratic party.  Why?  you might ask.  Well, I heard on a radio program years ago that at least 85% of those in this field are liberals and I am persuaded that this figure may even be higher.  The unfair reporting that goes on is unconscionable!  

Your participation in this very important process of voting is critically needed to turn the tide around in America for its future and the future of our posterity.  When you go to buy groceries, see how your lack of participation affects you as well as every other shopper.  Cleanser for my pots has gone from $1.49 to $4.99 in two years.  Gas was $1.89 and the papers and Democrats screamed, why are they silent now at $3.89 a gallon?  Deliberate deceit and deliberate misrepresentation of the facts.  People are still losing their homes and businesses are cutting hours from full time to part time mainly because of Obamacare.  I hope I made you feel bad about ignoring the fact that you have a responsibility to get to the polls and cast your vote to help clear out some of the mistakes that we have placed in office.  Your vote is important and needed by those who are trying to get elected to do a better job than what has been done in their particular areas. 

To fill the Senate seat in New Jersey, Mr. Steve Longean is running against Democrat Corey Booker the mayor of Newark, New Jersey.  Not just because Corey is a Democrat am I opposed to him (I have a D attached to my name too), but I know personally that he has done NOTHING to improve the quality of life in Newark.  The city is saturated with homeless shelters, crime is rampant (I call it the City of Sirens), unemployment is off the charts, he's cut back on services to include the Police and Sanitation and it's local streets almost cause me to get sea sickness!  Besides not doing a decent job in Newark, he is a staunch LIBERAL who took it upon himself to perform a same-sex so-called marriage on the steps of Newark's City Hall some years ago.  Haven't we experienced enough of the LIBERAL agenda to know that it is horrible for America to keep going down this path of immorality and debauchery.  When are we going to stand up and say that ENOUGH IS REALLY ENOUGH!  You and your vote are very important to the future of our country so don't sell yourself short and sit these next elections out.  Get up and get out there and say with your vote -- I'm going to do what I can to put a halt to the madness of this day and time.     

August 20th, 2013 - It's a Beautiful Day!

In spite of the all of the chaos that drips and showers from our White House and the race hustlers, it's still a beautiful day and we have to enjoy the beauty of America.  I take time out and look at the birds chirping and flying in peace and harmony and say to myself, that I'm going to keep calm in the midst o this storm raging in America and do what I can to apply my mind, my hands and my feet to helping America get back on the right track to morality, sanity, prosperity and remaining the land of the free!

We are experiencing a do as you please government as long as you can get away with it.  Our president really meant it when he stated that "America is not defined by borders."  Wow, I guess the message is just come on in whenever want and do whatever you choose to do.  You can get taxpayers' social programs money, take jobs away from our citizens and let's have a party!  It's party time every day and in between it's time for another round of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of taxpayers' dollars to vacation.  No time to answer questions, no time to address the concerns of We The People.  Who are these We The People people?  Just some right wingers who we have to watch closer than the jihadists!  Just some people who believe in morality and the values that made America that shining light to the world.  These are the people that call what's going on scandalous, but I say there aren't any scandals (speaking for our President).  Gas prices $3.89 and $4.00 in many cases, but let's not even think about it.  Food prices rising, unemployment climbing and employees' full time being cut to part-time because of Obamacare, but let's party.   Insurance premiums skyrocketing, government listening in and gathering private information, the IRS discriminating against conservative groups, but according to our President there aren't any scandals and it's party or vacation time.  And, let's not forget the Muslim Brotherhood ravaging the Coptic Churches in Egypt.  According to a March 21, 2012 Breitbart report written by Awr Hawkins, Congress was by-passed by our President when he gave $1.5 billion of U.S. dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.  But no scandals and no questions and no accountability for our bucks! 

The situation in Egypt is intense and the churches are being burned to the ground.  Our good friend Dr. Raafat Barsoom still has family and friends in Egypt and updates up daily on what's unfortunately happening there.  Dr. Barsoom has become a legal citizen of the U.S., is not a professional politician and works in an urban hospital where he sees firsthand the murder and mayhem that exists in like Newark.  He wants to be a positive change and has put his hat in the ring to become New Jersey's 29th District Senator  - "For a Better New Jersey".  He needs the support and vote of every registered voter who is tired of the status quo of a dismal, disappointing and dangerous quality of life in urban New Jersey.  Support Positive and Good Change!   

In spite of all of the very limited account of our present state-of-American affairs, it's still a beautiful day in America.  At least we're on the march and aware of what's going on and doing what we can to stem the tide.  Keep informed, but don't keep silent!  God Bless You and may God Bless America! 


August 5, 2013 - Scandal Means Scandal

     Wow!  When one such as our own president can describe scandals as not being scandals then something is wrong somewhere with someone.  I know it's not the American people because they see scandalous behavior when it comes to what happened to Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans in Benghazi and we get no solid honest answers!  This qualifies as a scandal.  Clear thinking and compassionate people are outraged that the American public was fed one lie after another lie and want to know when will truth arise!  I guess in their books Fast and Furious doesn't qualify as a scandal either.  Yet another spot of outrage is when our government supplies drug runners with weapons and Americans as well as other innocent civilians are murdered with these weapons -- we want answers!  When the IRS targets and over scrutinizes Tea Party/ Conservative groups, we demand answers and we call that another scandal.  With this administration, the list goes on and one.  Let's look at gas prices at $3.89, $3.67 and even $4.00+ equals another scandal when the media screamed at $1.89 when Bush was in office.  Look at the workforce and the high unemployment rate as well as employees going from full time to part time employment and high insurance premiums due to the scandalous ObamaCare shoved down our throats.  It's very alarming to examine the Executive Orders that have been signed giving this administration more and more control over the lives of those who are their employers whom they treat like subjects (and even worst than terrorists) in their kingdom of more socialism/Marxism! Scandals are scandals whether or not this administration defines them as such!
      I would say shame, shame on Charlie Rangel, but it wouldn't do any good because people like him have no shame.  Calling Republicans and Tea Partiers "White Crackers" is just revealing his dark heart more and more to those that care about fellow Americans whether white, black, red, etc.  People like this don't love minorities because if they did, they would want the best for them.  They wouldn't keep telling them that every failure or problem that they face is the White man's fault.  They would inspire them to strive to attain their highest level of achievement and not give up or give in, but be determined in their pursuit of achieving happiness and success.  Instead, they create stumbling blocks and convince their subjects that all is not well nor has anything gotten better in America since the Emancipation Proclamation!  They lie and they manipulate people to keep them believing that they have their best interest at heart when in fact, they don't! They love the control, the power and the ability to eat at the finest restaurants, adorn custom made clothing, possess expensive jewelry, have multiple dwellings, be catered to, travel, etc. while their subjects await their next word to feel bad and disheartened about their state of being.  Then here comes Oprah with her half of cent comments comparing the Martin case with Emmet Till.  How much they stretch and color truth to suit their racist agenda!   Both cases are tragic but Emmet was murdered out of hatred and real time racism while Trayvon died because Zimmerman  had to defend himself if he wanted to live.  Charlie nor others like him, ever encourage our children to control their impulses of anger and premature uninhibited sexual behavior, but rather to work hard to succeed in life. They don't talk about the odds of living below the poverty index being greater when they don't complete their schooling, start having babies and give up on achieving great achievements.  Do they encourage young men and women to marry and provide a safe and stable environment for their children?  I think not because they need victims to carry out their agenda of total and absolute control and authority over as many lives as they can rustle up.   With the black single parent birthrate over 70%, many of these same young people need direction and encouragement to make their lives better than what was handed to them when they were born.  Instead of helping these, more than likely, battered, bruised and often neglected youths look forward to a brighter tomorrow, the puppet masters keep feeding them the lie that the Whites , Tea Partiers and Republicans need to be defeated because they are their nemesis.  What a lie!  I know who must be defeated.  Those that ascribe to the ideology of creating more dependents on government handouts.  They believe and cling to socialism, Marxism tinged with Communism.  They never salute the goodness of this country and constantly attack the foundations of marriage and other social norms that have worked so brilliantly in America.  They detest the Tea Party movement as well as the Republican party because these two groups know that the free market system and capitalism are the bedrocks of a flourishing society, which denies them the control they desire.  For the most part, these two "enemies" as defined by Charlie, promote and support the brilliance of the individual who is endowed by their Creator with talents, abilities and when developed can make tremendous and invaluable contributions to society.

Applause, applause goes to Bill O'Reilly for his constant reminder to Al Sharp-tongue that black-on-black crime should be a number one priority.  At least 93% of blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks and the Democrats want to ignore the deplorable state of living and early death in urban America.  Somewhere in my travels and conversations I was told that a response to that stat was that white people also kill white people.  Well, my answer to that is that it's not usually due to drive by shootings, turf wars in a public park, for a jacket, phone or IPad.  With the exception of a mass murderer, unfortunately there is usually a specific target and an innocent child is not caught in the crossfire!
    We must stay focused and committed to get rid of people like Charlie and ignore his hatred and ignorance.  I pledge my allegiance to my fellow Americans to do all within my power to help rid our highest offices of despicable characters that put a blemish on the beautiful landscape of America.


I can't help but to think about the many great and wonderful people that fought so hard and diligently to ensure that Black Americans were treated as equal citizens of these United States of America.  It brings much sadness and unrest to my very being that too many, to my likening, Blacks are being trained to see America through eyes of racism and hatred.  The "trainers" are those Blacks that thrive on racial unrest which keeps them financially sound and places them in positions of persuasion for those that need outside help to process facts.  The other set of trainers are those Whites who cripple Blacks into thinking that they are the Blacks' only hope to make it in America.  They want to "feel good" about themselves and blossom with pride to join in the parade that America is racist. These groups, Black, White or whatever, never relate true facts, present only a thin veneer of truth packed with lie upon lie which fits the deceitful and and crafty agenda designed to keep their simple thinking crowd in check.  The leaders of yesterday who have left this dimension, are probably turning over in their graves!  What a disgrace and dishonor to those who fought so hard for the liberties and freedoms that Blacks and other minorities have before them.   The corrupt wordsmiths, devoid of scruples, have crafted the brains of the simple to ignore the progress and sacrifices of the humanitarians the came before them.  How can anyone say with the tiniest drop of decency profess that progress in America for minorities has not made tremendous strides?  I can answer that question -- the race hustlers, the race baiters, the godless, the simple and the insane!  If their argument had any weight, then why do we have occupying the Oval Office a man whose father was straight off the plane from Kenya, Africa?  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree) and Dred Scott's pursuit of freedom, which served as an impetus to end slavery, revitalized the abolitionists and resulted in the election of Abraham Lincoln and the emergence of the Republican Party in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery.   The Democratic Party was fine with slavery of the Blacks! What hardships did Jackie Robinson have to endure?  What hardships did Mary McLeod Bethune have to endure?  My grandmother Big Mama was born in 1898 and I NEVER heard hatred for Whites pass from her lips to my ears.  Her and my grandfather lived the American Dream and never paid a car note.  Why?  Because they worked, saved and could afford to purchase cars with cash including the blue Packard that I loved to ride in!  Both of my grandparents surely had to endure more hardships than the crowd that is so enraged at Zimmerman have ever known!  He just happens to be their convenient target to vent their anger and frustrations because of their dysfunctional childhoods, broken and fractured relationships, failures and frustrations, some are just mean spirited, etc. etc.  What hardships did many great wonderful people, who were Black or White or whatever endure for the freedoms, liberties and opportunities to succeed and live comfortably in America?  Hardship and hurt upon hardship and hurt! It is indeed a disgrace that we have people who cannot or will not look truth square in the face and stop the madness that race hustlers cause with their lies, half truths, delusions and vile polluted imaginations devoid of any shame or regret!   


Now mainly because of the above mentioned reprobates, we have death threats aimed at George Zimmerman, traffic stoppages, stupid posters, t-shirts and the like.  This sort of reprehensible acts, regalia and messages goes on and on.  Why is it so difficult to understand that Zimmerman had every right to try and find out the address of the specific location he was giving to the dispatcher, he had every legal right as a community watch person to be concerned (they've had many homes robbed in this community) and most certainly he had every right not to let Trayvon Martin beat him to death with his fists/being pounded into concrete or being shoot him with his own weapon.  Zimmerman  is not White as I believe Sharpton thought initially (now they're changing it to White Hispanic to suit their agenda),  Zimmerman is approximately 5'7" tall, at that time 28 years old and he definitely doesn't give the appearance of being ready, willing and capable of engaging in any form of successful combat.  On the other hand, being 17 years old, more fit for combat, seething with rage (look into his family dynamics and note the chaos) and approximately 6'2" tall; common sense should persuade seekers of truth that the jury got it right; "Martin threw the first punch". Here our inJustice Department goes again with Holder's (the front guy) determination to conduct further investigations into this matter.  Why doesn't he give us the low down on Fast and Furious?  Is he concerned about the deaths of our Border  Control Agents like Brian Terry (12/14/10) or Nicholas Ivie (10/2/12)?  Just to name two.  And what about others who have been are are being slaughtered on both sides of the border with Fast and Furious weapons? Give us a detailed account of that plus an account of how we allowed four Americans to be killed at Benghazi.  Tell us how this administration is concerned about the safety of American citizens when our borders are still open to whomever wants to just slip on over onto our land.  America is defined by borders that are not respected by the Hate-America group to which Holder and his ilk belong.  I wonder if this administration is concerned about terrorists using that path to do Americans harm?   

I pray that the Republicans and good God-fearing Democrats will stop the immigration madness that is part and parcel of this administration's determination to knock America down another notch.  We have had enough of this redefining America.  Gas prices = up; unemployment = high; and they  want to make sure that homosexual  marriage is recognized, birth control is free, abortions are plentiful and very, very easy to get -- short term, long term it really doesn't matter.  What a state of moral decay!!!!  But, we can't lose sight of our goal to restore America to her rightful place on that shining hill of hope for a better and brighter future.  

           Love You All for Loving and Fighting for Our Beloved AMERICA!  

Our Cry: GOD PROTECT US - Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

      Our hearts and prayers go out to our fellow Americans in Oklahoma. We are saddened as a nation by this tragedy, which resulted in the loss of approximately 24 lives, including precious children. As I explored a Fox News report on the Internet, I was particularly touched by a lady named Joann Coleman, who was in her home when it was totally demolished. However, she walked away unscathed (thank God). When she was asked how did this come about? She replied with the following statement: "I asked God to protect me and He did." Along with her family members, she was planning to return to the site of her home and see if anything was salvageable. She went on to say that she was happy that her family was fine and stated, "I know that God's going to take care of us, He always has." This story touched my heart because with what's going on in our government, we all need to Cry Out for God to Protect Us from the liberal's ideology and the many scandals that are taking place right before our eyes. We need to Cry Out for their insanity to be bound for the sake of our country's successful future. They continue to desperately try to change the total landscape of America and have done so for decades. This is why they are pushing so fanatically to push their immigration policy that changes "illegal immigrant/alien" status to that of a legal citizen of the U.S.A. They want the Hispanic vote so badly that they twist the fact that we expect people to respect our immigration laws as much as we respect the immigration policies of their country of origin's laws and regulations. The liberals/secular humanists want to say that only "racist" Americans have a problem with making illegal aliens legal and entitled to what legal Americans have invested in for their lifetimes and to insure their futures. No one has to be a racist to know that you can't keep giving out on the government dole without putting in more than what is given out. We welcome people from all over the world, but charity begins at home! I believe that first and foremost we must sure that we have home grown citizens producing and enjoying what they work for. Then, let those who want to be a productive members of the American scene, enter into our borders properly and not by cutting a hole in a fence or coming onto our homeland soil without our permission. That is not acceptable in Mexico or other countries and why should we expect less?

     While there is rubble and destruction in Oklahoma right now, I was elated to see that amidst the evidence of destruction the flag, our red, white and blue, was raised because it represents the resilience of our nation of patriots who still hold our flag up in our hearts and are committed to fight to restore our beloved America to it's rightful place in history -- a light of hope to the world.

Is anyone surprised that the major majority of Democrats don't want a Special Prosecutor looking into the IRS profiling of the Tea Parties and other conservative groups? Is anyone surprised about the Benghazi cover up and the countless lies that were told to the American people? According to Greg Hicks, a 22 year Foreign Service Diplomat, they knew "from the get-go" that it was a terrorist attack. Yet, the White House, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice and others chose to play a game of divert attention from the terrorists and blame it on a YouTube video. The bottom line is that our governmental officials, from the top on down, chose to let the terrorists kill/slaughter/murder four Americans while they kept telling lie after lie to us and the world. This could have been prevented with our military might coupled with the bravery of our service personnel, but you have to have people in charge who really give a darn about human life! What a Department of Injustice and lack of Defense Department we have in place, and lest I forget our MIA White House personnel! It is my most sincere hope that Congress will get on the ball and take some action that will hold everyone involved in these shenanigans accountable to the American people. Fast and Furious has evaporated under the cloak of Executive Privilege and we're not likely see Mr. Eric Holder held accountable for the deaths that resulted from this gun-running program. It does matter to compassionate Americans that our Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down December 14, 2010, and Mr. Holder has not told us yet about his infamous dealings with drug lords and how many other lives were lost. Lies were the on the main menu when this was disclosed just as lies are on the menu now.

What a coincidence that the two murdering terrorist thugs in London used the same words before hacking a British soldier to death with a machete that Major Nidal Malik Hasan used before killing 13 military personnel in Fort Hood. All of these murderers yelled "Allahu Akbar" and this administration wants to call Fort Hood workplace violence and not what it is -- Islamic terrorism. What a coincidence!

     To my fellow patriots, let us remember the words of those who helped mold and make the great America that we want to restore and reclaim. It was our beloved former President Ronald Reagan who said, "Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.
And, "Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure."  
For all that believed that this administration was going to bring "transparency" to the American people, you were lied to royally!!

Please remember the people of Moore, OK (and other areas in Oklahoma) who have been devastated by this tornado.


May GOD continue to richly bless our nation


To those upset by the conservative Tea Party movement, too bad because we will not fade away and we will not falter!!!!!!

Sincerely yours in Love and Truth,
Barbara From Harlem
Straight conservative talk from Black Americans for all Americans. This is Barbara from Harlem's Point of View





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