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The Progressive Left/Democrats have Brought us to the Brink of Disaster

The progressive Left, which now controls the Democratic Party, the corporate media, academia, Hollywood, and most of our major institutions, has brought to us the following:

1. Gender-affirming care (sex change operations) for minors, without parental consent.

2. Drag queen fairytale hour for elementary school children;

3. Pornographic sex books in middle schools;

4. The "defund the police" movement, which is detrimental, particularly to black and Hispanic communities.

5. No exploration of our own natural resources, which has caused us to depend on our enemies for oil, and higher gas prices.

6. Lockdowns during COVID, which almost cratered our economy, and psychologically harmed millions of children and adults, and killed thousands of seniors forced to stay in nursing homes.

7. Cashless bail and/or refusal to prosecute and punish to the fullest extent of the law, which has caused great fear, particularly in our big cities - from San Francisco to NYC.

8. An Open Southern Border, which has allowed for the influx of Fentanyl, which has killed Americans across this nation. This open border has allowed human trafficking to flourish.

9. Censorship of free speech using Big Tech (FB, Twitter, Google, YT, etc.) and financial firms, such as JP Morgan Chase, etc.

10. The funding of the war in Ukraine, while Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

I could go on, but these are the big-ticket items that have led us to the brink of disaster. We have a chance tomorrow to turn the tide.

Therefore, we must vote as if our lives depend on it because they really do. Thank you.

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