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The misinformation war

The same media who tried to silence and de-platform doctors and nurses (as well as others) who tried to get the truth out there about COVID-19, including potential life-saving medical treatments (or who at least tried to offer a balanced view) now expect us to believe them when it comes to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The bottom line is that millions of Americans no longer believe the mainstream and corporate media, nor do we believe the Democrat Party and their buddies in the Republican Party.

While we understand that what Putin did was wrong and evil, he does not rise to the level of an Adolf Hitler. So far, he has not proven to be as bad as Joseph Stalin. Let me be very clear, while I do not support Vladimir Putin, I think that we need to be careful in how we approach this.

Furthermore, we understand that Russia itself will engage in a misinformation campaign; however, we simply cannot just take the word of our government, which wants to downplay the alleged discovery of bio labs in the Ukraine. We will have to wait until the "fog of war" lifts before we can get the truth.

The truth is, America has no vital interest in Ukraine. None. We should only intervene if Russia's aggression includes an attempt to starve the Ukrainian people, or threatening nuclear war. We must be careful not to start WW3 with a no-fly zone, or with intervening on behalf of the Ukraine.

We all know if Donald J. Trump were still President, Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine. Period. We also know that the Deplorables' sons and daughters will be the ones that do to war, not the sons and daughters of the Elites, which include the Democrats and Neocons.

While I believe that we should pray for the innocent people of Ukraine, I also believe that we need to approach this with level-head, and with the thought in mind that why are we defending Ukraine's border, but not our Southern Border?

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