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How insane and disrespectful can the Democrat Party get? Is there a limit or is their insanity going to continue to morph to a deeper and denser level of disrespect, disgrace and distorted delusions? This godless gang of pretenders have truly exposed their motives even to the slowest among us!

Yes, they have completely revealed who they really are. They've exposed themselves so thoroughly because of the intense hatred for the man that Americans chose to occupy their White House. The We The People of America marched, rode and even walked to cast a vote for the one we believed would work for us and Make America Great Again! Our efforts paid off with the undisputed victory of our newly elected President Donald J. Trump. And with that said, acknowledged and established, the Party of Hatred continues to create scenarios to justify, create and erect ways, means, and/or opportunities to harass, annoy, and attempt to terrify our President with innuendos of misbehavior that more accurately describes those of their Party who actually profited from their positions of power. Documentation proves how intimidated nations were under the tyrannical former reign. There is no doubt that they blatantly violated and ignored their oath of service while committing all manners of unscrupulous behaviors. Yet, because of their party affiliation, they go merrily on the pursuit of trying to destroy our President as they purposely ignore the voice of We The People! They put on cute little faces and speak tender words that ring with kindness, but reek with lie upon lie! They've mastered the art of soul-touching words that woo many to once again pull that lever or mark that ballot to put them back into a position of authority and power that they use continually for personal gain and power! Yep, the duping was and continues to be so sufficient that some still can't see the real person hiding in plain view masked to deceive and trick!

Their attempted impeachment smells with absolute rottenness! They have no whistle blower because they have no whistle. The transcript was released, confirmation from the Ukrainian president dismissed any wrongdoing, yet they continue on their evil quest to humiliate and discredit our POTUS. What an absolute disgrace this Party of Hatred, Lies and Deceit has become! I'm praying that it will backfire right in their twisted souls!

They played their infamous 'race card', but that appears to have flattened out and lost all of its air. This Party has such an extensive history of racism that it's startling. While the vast majority of Blacks are registered Democrats, their history of dealing with Blacks is sickening. The difference with the two parties is strikingly different. The Democrat Party was in existence long before the Republican Party was founded in 1854. When we were still 13 colonies, the Democratic Party has its beginnings in 1792 and in 1828. Hiram Revels became the first African American senator in 1870. He was a Republican representing Mississippi. Blanch Bruce who was born a slave also served in the Senate from March 4, 1875 until March 3, 1881. He was also a Republican from the state of Mississippi. On the other hand, the opposite party that always plays that 'race card', did not have a Black senator until Carol Moseley Braun took office on January 3, 1993! Please remind me, who are proven racists!

What the godless gang is up to is no good and they should decline their tax-paid salaries while they do their evil deeds and neglect those they are suppose to be working for. They really should request or demand their salaries from the illegals whom they are representing with their push for open borders, free licenses and the precious gift of voting in America's election in spite of the fact that they have violated our immigration laws. It is more that self-evident that because of their desire to remain in power and ultimate control of Americans, they will do all they can to increase their voting block by any and all means accessible to them. This of course, includes ignoring our laws as they continuously push and push to disarm law-abiding and legal citizens. Yes, they masquerade as Americans who want to serve America and Americans, but this is all a facade. Their true intentions are being revealed and exposed day by day as they divulge and publish to the world their real selves and leave no doubt of how evil; evil can become!


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