The Bible is a Gift!

The Holy Bible is not only the greatest book ever written (from a spiritual and literary perspective), it is literally a gift from God to us.

There are millions who have been denied access to it, whether in predominately Muslim or communist countries.

So, please don't let it just gather dust and sit on the shelf. Please open this beautiful gift from God, so that we get to know Him, who we are, how we are to conduct ourselves, and how much He loves us.

We are blessed in the West, particularly the U.S., in that we have easy access to Bibles. However, millions are denied access to this powerful and beautiful book. Therefore, please pray for Muslims and those in countries like China or North Korea, who could be punished or killed for owning a Bible.

Open your Bible, and treat it like a special gift.

Have a blessed and peaceful Monday!

--Bebe Diamond, Barbara's daughter and co-host

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