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Is Joe Biden Worse than Jimmy Carter?

This is the question that many, including Democrats, are now asking.

In my opinion, the answer is yes.

Tomorrow night on "Pray and Fight for America," we are going to discuss the need to pray for our military.

This is now paramount because we have an Administration that does not seem to care about the sacrifices made by military men and women to ensure freedom for the Afghan people, particularly vulnerable women, and children.

The Taliban, a radical Muslim group, has now taken control, and Christian Missionaries and others are in danger.

In addition, there is a photo showing a planeload of Afghan military-aged men being flown to the U.S, but where are the Afghan children and women. And, where are the Americans? Are we rescuing our own people?

Where are our Middle Eastern allies to whom we have given billions in money and military support? Why can't the Afghan refugees be flown to Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.? Why are they being flown here?

Our military men's (and women's) sacrifices cannot be taken for granted. So, we will dedicate our Zoom call tomorrow night to them. Please join us and God bless!

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