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GOP: Please don't abandon the inner cities

The Grand Old Party/Republican Party should not cede the inner cities to the Democrats. When this happen the residents feel that they have no choice but to vote for Democrats.

Barbara from Harlem believes in walking the streets in the inner cities and speaking to the residents in the inner cities. She strongly believes that the residents continue to vote for Democrats, in part, because they do not know that it was the Republican Party that was founded in 1854 to stop the spread the slavery.

In addition, most Black people don't know that it was the Republican Party who was responsible for passing the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. As a result, most prominent Blacks were Republicans until the 1930s and FDR's New Deal.

Barbara has found that when she provides copies of the "Declaration of Independence" coupled with the U.S. Constitution, and written materials explaining Socialism/Communism and the differences between the Republican and Democrat Parties, that the residents are receptive to this information. Many of them have expressed that this was information that they did not previously know.

Barbara is engaging, respecting, and teaching inner city residents to understand their rights, and to let them know that it is a blessing to have been born in the U.S. of A.

Thank God that President Donald Trump did not give up on the inner cities, and neither should you!

Barbara from Harlem is in the trenches. Please join us. When you support Barbara from Harlem, you support your fellow Americans in the inner cities. Thank you!

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