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We The People of the United States of America have had Enough of the Washington shenanigans of the Democratic Party! Maybe a better name would be the Party for Illegals. We've put up with the Russian probe for collusion and corruption on behalf of our POTUS, which cost taxpayers millions! We were patient, and low and behold after spending, according to Mueller, over $25 million and according to President Trump's Personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani $40 million, it produced nothing to support the unsubstantiated allegations of the Party for Illegals.

When I think about the Russian Witch-hunt, one thing that really puzzled me was the fact that I don't recall one instance where an example or explanation of collusion or corruption was outlined. My mind flew to where it wanted to go and I imagined that they thought that Russia produced clones and secretly planted them to cast votes for Trump. Then I imagined while all slept in America, somehow they were transported out of America and returned to their state of rest and secrecy until another time when they're needed to put a Republican in office. Then I thought, maybe they presumed that the Russians tampered with our booths and ballots? I was at a loss and I'm still at a loss because they never gave me any information or hint as to how collusion/corruptions could have occurred. Our POTUS named it properly the Russian Hoax!! That is all it was and would ever be -- a hoax!

Our temperatures didn't have time to return to normal before another round of allegations hit the news. This time it's called an "Impeachment Inquiry"by Nervous, Nasty and Nutty Nancy P! Her and Adam Shifty Schiff got together to start another round of trying to cause havoc in our White House aimed at our duly and legally elected President Donald John Trump!

We The People are appalled at this attempt to thwart the will, voice, and vote of We The People! We have had Enough of this constant display of hatred so intense that the Lefties are sounding crazier and crazier with each breathe they take and every word that seethes out of their mouths. It's beginning to look like those behind the closed doors have forgotten about our Constitution and believe they are the masters of the people; employing Soviet Union style tactics! No Republican Representatives allowed? How outrageous. Enough of this behavior is Enough. People who have the gall to ignore our Constitution and Rule of Law should have no place of influence/power in our Democratic/Republic of America! John Adams stated: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other." Unfortunately and sadly, the Democratic Party has become so immoral that the killing of babies is celebrated, and unnatural is viewed as natural. For the most part, it seems that their concentration is still on the results of the 2016 election results and not on the defense or general welfare of We The People!

We have had Enough of those more concerned with trying to discredit and blemish the name of our POTUS rather than working for to improve the lives of those whom they work for and who pay their salaries.

Yes, we have had Enough of Democrats fighting more for illegals and providing places of sanctuary for those who disrespect our immigration laws and cross our borders illegally. Yes, we know that those of the party of 'no borders' don't care if diseases are contracted and spread among citizens because they aren't detected before entering our country. We The People say collectively, if you don't care that we can be exposed to sickness, disease, human trafficking, drug cartels, violent criminals, etc., we don't care to have you represent Americans!! You don't deserve to get paid by taxpayers whom you neglect and put second to illegals who invade America. We The People know that you're pushing for illegals because you've promised them freebies, at taxpayers' expense, and in return their presence should increase your voter bloc in spite of the dangers this could impose upon the average American citizen.

We've had more than Enough of your lies about our President, which seems to be the focal point of your position and work ethics. We're tired and fed up with your neglect and your constant overlooking of the needs and voices of Americans who see the wonderful accomplishments our President Trump has achieved in record time. Enough is more than Enough, and this time, we'll show you at the polls. We The People have had more than Enough of your skullduggery, deceit, and disrespect for We The People and our President Donald J. Trump who works hard to Make America Great Again. 2020 is the next term he will achieve and succeed for America and Americans!!!

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