DeBlasio's Edict is Racist

I don't use words like "evil" and "communist" easily, but DeBlasio and Cuomo fit the bill.

No American, regardless of race, should be pushed to take an unapproved (and unproven) vaccine. All Americans should be hesitant and should question it. We are putting an experimental drug into our bodies.

What DeBlasio has done is unconstitutional and it will be challenged in court. Unfortunately for him, we are a constitutional Republic; we are not a socialist or communist country, where the government has control over the citizens.

In this country, we are expected to have control. Abraham Lincoln said that our government is "of, by, and for the people." The socialists in the Democratic party have forgotten this, but we are going to remind them.

If I were Eric Adams, I would reject DeBlasio's endorsement. Trust me, the vast majority of New Yorkers do NOT want DeBlasio 2.0. We're done.

And for those who don't think that Curtis Sliwa for NYC has a chance to win, I think that's what they said about Rudy Giuliani, and he won. Mr. Sliwa is going to surprise a lot of people. We, patriots, are going to take back NYC and this country!

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