COViD AMnesty?

No amnesty without accountability. Period.

The Leftists/Democrats must be held accountable for their tyrannical behavior, particularly at the height of the pandemic.

- Senior citizens and others were forced to die alone; some of us could not attend the funerals;

- Many small-sized, family-owned businesses went under after operating for decades; Children (who were the least likely to get COVID) were forced to wear masks, miss school, and were separated from their peers;

- Experienced healthcare professionals who dared to speak of other methods to combat C (besides vaccines that were not fully tested) were de-platformed and/or censored, including Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA.

- NYC police officers and others were fired for not taking the experimental jab, thus causing economic difficulties for many. The same goes for our military men and women.

So, yes, the left has to be held to account for their horrendous behavior.

WE will never again permit the government to behave like a tyrant. #NotOnOurWatch

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