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breaking the Cycle of poverty

The cycle of poverty experienced by so many is not due to racism. It is due to several generations of broken homes. In too many cases, there's no nuclear family.

As a result, too many of our children are not taught to pursue an education or a trade. They are not even encouraged to pursue the American Dream.

Why not? Because it's not profitable for the race hustlers or for people who wish to destroy American values. They need to have victims.

So, let us be clear: If we want to break the cycle of poverty, we need to aspire to have a solid work ethic and discipline and to re-build our families, which includes having fathers in the home.

We also need to live by a moral code, such as the Ten Commandments, not the code of the street.

America is the land of equal opportunity. But, we must be inspired to do great things.

If America was not the land of opportunity, then how did Tyler Perry go from being homeless to becoming a Billionaire? How did Robert Johnson (founder of BET) and Oprah Winfrey become billionaires as well? How did Barack Obama get elected twice as President of the U.S.?

(Bebe Diamond)

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