Biblical Truth and America

HOW EXTREMELY SAD when we see what’s going on in America’s world of politics. We are a nation that is comprised of 80% professing to believe in GOD. According to Pew, 79% of Blacks, 74% of Hispanics and 70% of Whites all say they believe in GOD yet the DemonRat Party still gets the support from members of the aforementioned groups!

We have a party that censored GOD publicly in 2012, yet still got the vote and approval from those ‘claiming’ to love, honor and desire to obey GOD. How confused and misguided they have to be!

During the presidential campaigns of George Bush and John Kerry, I ordered and wore the pictured pin from the John Haggee Ministries. I can’t recall being challenged in my urban neighborhood, I just received stares and quick turns in the opposite direction. I wore that button to let people know that as a professing Child of GOD, I will vote not according to Party, not according to preferences, not according to group persuasion, and not according to anything outside of GOD’S Precious Word contained in the Bible!

HOW EXTREMELY SAD that many in my urban surroundings as well as others, have let their moral compass be hijacked by persuasive talking reprobates and crafty wordsmiths that make and describe the evil and darkness they concoct and make them so falsely palatable and pleasant. How pathetic when those professing to believe and love GOD are being swallowed up and consumed by the filth of their demonic designs.

Our nation suffers when loyalty to GOD is compromised and HE is not honored in all that we do. I Corinthians 10:31 clearly states, “do all to the glory of God”.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the meaning of this Scripture, but rather it takes a Genuine Child of GOD to hear HIS voice and obey HIS Word. Stop ‘professing’ and start obeying to change the downward moral spiral and decline of our beloved America!

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