America has been a blessing to black Americans

Dear Black America: Here's the truth: Due to the sacrifices of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and other heroes (known and unknown) of the Civil Rights Movement, Black Americans achieved equality and a powerful voice in America, a country that we helped to build.

America has given us (black Americans) everything that we need in order to succeed: Free education, public assistance, housing, free food, funding for our colleges and universities, etc. In other words, we have been given all of the tools needed in order to succeed.

So, why are so many us living such desperate lives? What is the impediment? The broken and dysfunctional home, where (generally) respect for authority is not taught, and there is no connection to the God of the Bible. In addition, too many of our young people are not taught a work ethic, nor are they taught how to manage their emotions.

Furthermore, there is one party (Dem) that wants to keep us as victims (as a permanent underclass), and another party that wants us to be victors, and thrive in the country that we helped to build.

This is why Barbara from Harlem and Bebe Diamond are committed to waking up the urban areas with the truth about God and the truth about America, which has been a blessing to us and to all who came to its shores.

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