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Barbara from Harlem

Christian, American, Minister, Author of


Hello! We appreciate you and would love to have your support as we work to re-build urban America through faith, family, and educating black Americans about the value and beauty of America. 

We desperately want to reach our fellow Black Americans with copies of the U.S. Constitution and Bible tracks.  We are willing to go wherever we need to in order to spread the message of "America First".   And, really it's "God first" because without our Judeo-Christian ethics, there would be no America.  We would not be the most blessed nation on Earth.  And, this is a message that must be taught in urban America and throughout this country, particularly in our universities.

Any amount of support will be appreciated ($2.00, etc.).  Please simply click on the "PayPal" button above, or you can send a check or money order made payable to "Barbara from Harlem, Inc.", c/o V. Reid, P.O. Box 428, New York, NY 10031.  You can also support via CashApp: $BarbaraFromHarlem123. 

Furthermore, if you would like a personally autographed copy of Barbara's book, please send a letter to the P.O. Box above, indicating for whom the book should be autographed, along with a donation of $20.00.  The other option is sending an e-mail to us through this site noting for whom the book should be autographed, and making the payment through PayPal or Cash App.  We will get the autographed book out to you ASAP.   Thank you!

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Barbara from Harlem, as she is affectionately known, is a genuine native New Yorker.  Her young life was molded and shaped by her family of five children and in the environment of urban America where she attended elementary, junior high and high school.  After the unfortunate collapse of her parents’ marriage, she was thrown into the pool of poverty and just scraping by.  Life was not easy, but her mother as the main source of physical survival, worked hard and diligently to provide the essentials of life.  She did not depend on the government to provide the meals and shelter that her children required; which was a lesson well learned and needed as Barbara faced life with her own five children and a failed marriage.


Like the vast majority of blacks, Barbara was instructed to register as a Democrat when she reached voting age as young married woman.  This she did without questioning ...

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